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Watch 'Helicopters,' excerpt from Director's Commentary

Watch 'Helicopters,' excerpt from Director's Commentary

'Helicopters,' excerpt from Director's Commentary

Who Killed Captain Alex • 2m 29s

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  • Paris - Deleted Scene

    We removed this clip from Wakaliwood's Supa Action-Packed Kickstarter video in the wake of the tragedy of Charlie Hebdo, out of respect for the citizens of Paris.

    We just want our fans in France to know you were in our hearts, both before and after.

    - Wakaliwood

  • Spain - outtake

    Sometimes even we don't know what we were thinking. This is a shotgun-wielding cannibal running down the streets of Navalcarnero, a small village on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain.

    Someone please put this clip to use.

  • Oh, nooo! EboLALALA Outbreak - Video #2

    Ebola is a very serious disease, and it is up to Wakaliwood to spread awareness of it throughout the world. That is why we must make our new film, Tebaatusasula: EBOLA.

    But we fear it is too late. Wakaliwood supa fans have sent us video from Indonesia of an outbreak that is currently underway....